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Sabina Vohra Miller and Craig Miller with their son Aavir, joined Anishnawbe Health’s circle of supporters this fall.

Vohra Miller Family

Vohra Miller Family donates $25,000 to support Indigenous Health and Accessible Healthcare


When Sabina Vohra Miller co-founded the Vohra Miller Foundation with her husband Craig, her focus was squarely on improving the health of people and the planet.  With a background in clinical pharmacology and toxicology, Sabina values healthcare but is aware of the systemic racism that impacts many communities and leads to inequities in health.  As someone who immigrated to Canada with her family, she is thankful for the opportunities that living in Toronto has brought to her, but she also feels keenly that the fortunes of this city and country have come at a deep price for Indigenous peoples.


When the pandemic hit earlier this year, the relevancy of her family foundation was even more evident and the family has focused their giving on supporting resilience and recovery, with a particular interest in health equity.


The Vohra-Miller Foundation worked quickly to become the lead funder of the new Pandemic Institute at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, insisting on the inclusion of an Interdisciplinary approach to ensure that the road to recovery doesn’t leave anyone behind.


At the same time, Sabina was interested in funding community approaches to healthcare that are on the frontlines of the pandemic.  “I’m a big believer in the work of community health centres.  Community Health Centres, like Anishnawbe Health Toronto, understand the challenges faced by the groups that they serve and they have built trust with these communities over decades.  CHC’s know how to reach the community ensuring culturally sensitive and trauma-informed care,” says Sabina.


Sabina contacted Anishnawbe Health Foundation to learn more about Anishnawbe Health’s work during the pandemic, including the new Mobile Healing Unit.  “When the pandemic hit, Anishnawbe Health moved quickly to develop its Mobile Healing Unit to provide COVID-19 testing and wrap-around healthcare services in an accessible way for the community – particularly those experiencing homelessness or precarious housing.    This is exactly the type of innovative approach that our Foundation is interested in supporting,” noted Sabina.


Chi-Miigwetch Sabina, Craig and Aavir for investing in Anishnawbe Health!


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