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Join Sundance Chief and Spiritual Leader Unkan Wandbi Wakita (Grandfather) for the next Wisdom Weavers Episode

On July 29th, our Wisdom Weavers Storytelling & Traditional Teachings will continue with Unkan Wandbi Wakita (Grandfather), of the Dakota nation. Unkan has attended Sundances, both in the United States and Canada, for over fifty years. He is a Sundance chief, spiritual leader, and strong voice to preserve Dakota language and culture.
Unkan will speak about Natural Law which offers a guide to health, well-being, and healing of Indigenous people in heart, mind, body, and Spirit. Unkan shares stories that help the listener to know and practice their culture, way of life and sacredness.
Unkan’s storytelling presentation is titled “Living a Life: Sacredness and Healing”. All are welcome to watch the presentation, which will begin at noon on July 29th and can be viewed at To catch-up on past Wisdom Weavers Traditional teachings visit
The Wisdom Weavers series will continue monthly through 2022 and is funded, in part, through donations to Anishnawbe Health Foundation, including major support from Green Shield Canada as well as funding received from the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs Ontario.
About the Artist: The Dawning of a New Day by Gabe, a client of Anishnawbe Health Toronto – “When I used to draw this cabin before my time of healing, the window and door would be black, and I could not see through. I used to live in darkness as I would sleep all day and would be up all night. Now, when I draw this cabin, the window and door are white, and I can see everything clearly. I am thankful to the Creator for helping me in my healing journey.